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NEW   :  The Innovacelli Fox Barometer.

Innovacelli barometer with thermometer and hygrometer.

This Innovacelli Barometrer contains 4 vacuum cells and therefore has a smaller scale than the existing Innovacellli collection. This barometer has a total length of 75 cm and meets the demand for those who would like a barometer in a smaller proportion. The setting, accuracy, etc., .. are the same as the traditional Innavacelli barometers. This range of barometers will be identified by the name: "Fox" Innovacelli Collection. You will find more of them in the "design" collection.  These products require no special treatment for shipping.

This barometer also…

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News: New collection 2017

Dear, This fall we are working on a totally new collection. Combinations of wood with steel and glass is the new trend that will continue to determine the interior trends in 2017. Feel free to contact us for more information or a visit with the new collection. You can contact us by phone: (0032) (0) 11 34 05 50.

Or by mail. At the bottom of this page you’ll find the direct link.

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Paul Dingens

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