We offer a comprehensive repair service to “Dingens” products.

However, we would want to emphasize, never to send your dealer or us any instruments prior to contacting us and whitout our explicit agreement. When products are incorreclty packaged or transported they may be irreparably damaged. We cannot, under any circumstances, be held liable or accept any responsibility for problems occuring due to incorrect packaging or careless handling by the customer. When shipping products, we have the necessary packing materials available. Some parts maybe shipped in separate boxes, as they are often very fragile. In these cases, some handling and some simple mounting by the customer is required.


You can find instruction videos on the page: “Productinfo” under the term “Manuals” on this website. If needed, please refer to our Facebook page for specific personalised information. Altough most dealers are well informed about the technical side of our products, they may not be able to answer all your questions. Please contact us should your questions remain unanswered.

Some of our models are significantly more fragile than others. If it is in any way possible, we try to solve this by arranging our own transport. If this is the case the delivery period may have to be extended. This ensures that the goods reach you in perfect condition and we ask for your understanding with this. Please contact you local dealer for more information about leadtime for delivery.

Are you a consumer?

We recommend that you contact your local dealer. You can find the dealer list at

If your dealer is not in a postion to help you, or do you not have dealer in your area, you can contact us directly by email:

Innovacelli Barometers: The Innovacelli Barometers are extremely user friendly. Air bubbles trapped in the liquid can easily removed by yourself. Please check the manual for more information. Should nevertheless another problem occur (broken glass, etc ..), please contact your dealer. In some cases the barometer can be picked up by a courier,

provided the product is very well packed in its original packaging or a valid alternative. When it comes to large and / or fragile models, this needs to be arranged by our own service department. Please bear in mind that the service period in that case may be considerably longer.

Mercury Barometers - Huygens Barometers - Contra Barometers – Torricelli Barometers, etc..:

Please contact us to know which dealer to approach. Not all dealers handle mercury barometers. We will refer you to a dealer who still specialises in this sort of product:

If you are in possession of a faulty mercury barometer, you must be very careful that the barometer is very well packaged so that mercury can not be spilled during transport. Please make sure to use strong plastic sacks to pack the barometer in, and use duct tape to seal them together.

Please never send us a mercury barometer or even parts, by post or courier without our explicit permission.

In most cases, it is preferred that a replacement tube is sent which can be assembled easily.

For technical information, please visit the page: “User’s Guide” in “Product Information” on our website. In the event that a barometer has been shipped to us and does not arrive intact, please be informed that we can not accept any responsibility for damage caused in transit.

In some cases, it may be possible to send the frame without a tube, so that it contains no other fragile parts. This may be useful in case our standard tubes do not fit onto your frame.

Before contacting your dealer or us, please understand there is a basic cost for any repair. Make sure your barometer is of a certain value and worth the investment.

Mechanical Barometers:

For the repair of Dingens products, we have a large stock of spare parts. For old barometers it is possible the exact same movement cannot be replaced as the parts are no longer available. Where possible, an alternative will be offered.

We also repair instruments from other manufacturers, and have some parts available of these individual brands. Please contact us for more information.

Please note that not all of our dealers provide this service. Please contact your dealer for more information.

Please make sure the value of the product is sufficient to cover the cost of repair. Often with this kind of product there has been a large production over many years, some of which was of very poor quality. Please realise that there is a minimum charge for handling any repair.

Antique Barometers:

We restore old and antique barometers. There have been many different systems and models produced troughout the centuries. For most models we offer a restoration of the

mechanisms and tubes. For mercury barometers we will always advise using new glass tubes. The “refilling” or reuse of mercury tubes offers little chance of success and we could not give give any guarantee. For that reason, we limit ourselves to replacing mercury tubes.

We strictly do not advise to send valuable antique barometers by post or courier without adequate insurance.

Please contact your dealer to find the best solution. Please note that many dealers will not handle antique barometers, so contact us at : for more information.

We offer our own transport and delivery services if geographically possible. Please be aware that this may cause a longer delivery period.

Thermometers, storm bottles, Tendency barometer tubes, ..etc:.

We offer a wide variety of products to restore barometers. A large stock of various products is available to meet your needs.


Dingens clocks contain quartz mechanisms of European origin. These are the best quality movements on the market. If there is nevertheless a problem which occurs, it is fairly easy to replace a mechanism. Sending a mechanism is not usually a problem. You dealer would be able to replace it, or you might be able to do this yourself should you not have a dealer in your area.

Please note that if you send a fragile clock by courier, neither the dealer nor we can be held responsible, if such piece would arrive damaged. It is also advisable to contact your dealer or us first before taking action.

Are you a distributor?

We will support you in your service and offer a comprehensive repair service. Often it may not be safe to ship barometers by courier and the product will need to be handled by our own transport service. Please be aware that a long delivery time may not be able to be avoided, depending on the location and frequency of our visits in your area. It is advisable to inform your customer in advance. We try our best to help you as soon as possible, but as we cover a very large area, it may take a quite a while.

Before you accept a repair, it is worthwhile to make sure whether it still has enough value to be restored. We are obliged to charge transportation costs and handling costs, regardless of the value, so please obtain a quotation first.

For repairs of mercury barometers, we request that you pay special attention to the packaging. These should be such, that the mercury can not be spilled during transport.