Repairs We offer a comprehensive repair service to “Dingens” products. However, we would want to emphasize, never to send your dealer or us any instruments prior to contacting us and whitout our explicit agreement. When products are incorreclty packaged or transported they may be irreparably damaged. We cannot, under any circumstances, be held liable or accept any responsibility for problems occuring due to incorrect packaging or careless handling by the customer. When shipping products, we have the necessary packing materials available. Some parts maybe shipped in separate boxes, as they are often very fragile. In these cases, some handling and some simple mounting by the customer is required.

Installation You can find instruction videos on the page: “Productinfo” under the term “Manuals” on this website. If needed, please refer to our Facebook page for specific personalised information. Altough most dealers are well informed about the technical side of our products, they may not be able to answer all your questions. Please contact us should your questions remain unanswered. Some of our models are significantly more fragile than others. If it is in any way possible, we try to solve this by arranging our own transport. If this is the case the delivery period may have to be extended. This ensures that the goods reach you in perfect condition and we ask for your understanding with this. Please contact you local dealer for more information about leadtime for delivery.

Innovacelli Barometers: The Innovacelli Barometers are extremely user friendly. Air bubbles trapped in the liquid can easily removed by yourself. Please check the manual for more information. Should nevertheless another problem occur (broken glass, etc ..), please contact your dealer. In some cases the barometer can be picked up by a courier, provided the product is very well packed in its original packaging or a valid alternative. When it comes to large and / or fragile models, this needs to be arranged by our own service department. Please bear in mind that the service period in that case may be considerably longer.