About us

Dear contact,

Due to force majeure, the office is only open on Friday from 13 00 h to 17 00 h.

You can always reach me by mail or on mobile phone nr: 0032 (0) 472 79 66 64 . I would like to express my deepest apologies for this inconvenience.

Dingens Barometers & Clocks was founded in 1965. Throughout the last 50 years, Dingens has made attention to detail and innovation its main focus in the production of these unique instruments.

Besides barometers, Dingens also produces, restaures and sells weather stations and clocks, and we regularly release new product lines and advances in design. If you would like to be kept informed of our latest developments, or are you interested in our products, or would like to receive our quarterly newsletter, please contact us at: service@barometers.com

We focus on the production, sale and export of:

-Innovacelli Barometers (mercury free barometers)

-Professional mercury free Innovacelli Barometers

-Innovacelli FOX Barometers

-Mechanical barometers (aneroid barometer - Aneroid barometer - Vidi barometer)

-Adie barometer (Trend-barometers – gas barometers)

-Weather stations (meteo stations)

-Fitzroy bottle storm (storm barometers)

-Galileo thermometers (thermometers)

-Humidity Meters (psychrometers)

-Design Clocks & Glass clocks (quartz clocks)

-Repair and restoration of old or antique barometers for museums, dealers and collectors.

-Replacement parts or spare parts for all brands, types and systems of barometers.