IN725.470 Transparent glass


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NEW   :  The Innovacelli Fox Barometer.

Innovacelli barometer with thermometer and hygrometer.

This Innovacelli Barometrer contains 4 vacuum cells and therefore has a smaller scale than the existing Innovacellli collection. This barometer has a total length of 75 cm and meets the demand for those who would like a barometer in a smaller proportion. The setting, accuracy, etc., .. are the same as the traditional Innavacelli barometers. This range of barometers will be identified by the name: "Fox" Innovacelli Collection. You will find more of them in the "design" collection.  These products require no special treatment for shipping.

This barometer also includes a thermometer and a hygrometer. A handy mounting system is included.

The instruments are mounted between two printed sheets of glass, of which the rear glass plate (12 mm thickness) having a faceted edge.

The metal parts of the instrument have a chrome finishing.