IN707.651 Sandblasted glass


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Innovacelli Barometer with altitude setting,  thermometer and hygrometer, on a unique sandblasted glass frame with a beveled side.

Innovacelli Barometer in a made in mat chrome metal finishing.  The barometer contains a clear 68 cm long thermometerr, which perfectly shows the room temperature.  On top you'll see the hairhygrometer, mesuring the humidity inside the room. An ideal humidity is abouth 40 - 70 %.

The frame consists of two sand-blasted glass plates, of which the base plate is faceted. This gives a stunning effect when light enters the glass.  The scale is screenprinted in black on the front plate. This beautiful Innovacelli Barometer is an asset to any interior.

This blasted glass Innovacelli Barometer is extremely popular with a wide audience with a modern flavor. The style fits perfectly into any modern or design interior, but can also be combined with a more classical interior. An asset to any living room or office.