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The Innovacelli Barometer: a unique product.

In 2009 Dingens Barometers & Clocks launched an new innovative barometersystem without the use of mercury : the Innovacelli Barometer, which was developed in collaboration with the Innovation Centre Limburg, IWT, University Hasselt. This barometer is more fitting for our times of ecological awareness, and is extremely accurate and durable. Techniques wich had proven their sustainebility over the decades in aviation, have been used to build the new barometer.
The ecological precision barometer.

Vacuum metal cells react to the changing air pressure. A combination of 8 vacuum cells can give an extremely accurate measurement of even the slightest change in pressure. These movements are passed on to a liquid in a glass capillary tube which in turn can display the pressure exceedingly accurately. The combination of air pressure boxes that contain a liquid is unique and guarantees that the pressure is conveyed without any friction occurring.

Why would you need an Innovacelli Barometer ?

In the United States, Canada and many Asian countries, the use of mercury in barometers for professional use is to be avoided where ever possible. In the EU countries, the use of mercury in barometers will soon be prohibited by new European Union legislation, which will also exclude use for professional applications. An Innovacelli Barometer is therefore the most appropriate alternative!

The use of mercury in the United States has become an important environmental topic over the past 10 years. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has designated mercury as a hazardous element and has recommended its removal from daily use as much as possible. To that end, shipping companies will no longer ship items containing liquid mercury. Many individual U.S. states have banned the use of mercury in schools and other public locations. Since mercury is now classified as a hazardous substance, the spill of liquid mercury requires a professional clean up process that can be very expensive.

In Europe, a new legislation is upcoming to avoid the use of mercury barometers totally for professional users as well. In april 2012 the discussion has reopenened in the context of the REACH-guidelines and it is to be expected to go trough the EU parlement by 2013. In many other country's, such as Canada, Singapore, Philipines, Japan, .. the gouverments are also trying to ban mercury out of public places and workplaces. The Innovacelli Barometer is the ideal replacement for the mercury barometers wich are in use now. It has the same accuracy, but contains no mercury or other hazerdous chemicals.

Some of the applications of the Innovacelli Barometer

Linear Accelerator : Hospitals use barometers in several areas to calibrate medical equipment. One such item is the Linear Accelerator. This device is used to insert pinpoint radiation beams into cancer tumors to kill them. Precise knowledge of the atmospheric pressure in the treatment room must be know as it is a factor in the amount of radiation needed for the treatment.
Blood gas analysis : Hospitals also use a barometer is the analysis of blood gases. In order to know the amount of various blood gases that should be present in a patient, the current atmospheric pressure must be know as different pressures means different amounts of gases, especially as you go up in altitude where oxygen levels decrease.

Calibrating blood gas equipment for pulmonary treatments.
Tuning equipment for stem cell research.
Use in sleep research.
Various applications in laboratories.
Used for pressure measurement at weather reporting stations.
Measurement of absolute pressure at airports.
Adjustment of combustion in racing engines.
Calibration of BOD meters in waste water treatment.
Research and teaching at universities

How an Innovacelli Barometer is used to calibrate a linear accelerator used in hospitals to treat cancer:

A linear accelerator produces a beam of radioactive particles produced in an ion chamber. The amout of radiation delivered to the patient is affected by the ambient air pressure. The higher the altitude of the hospital, the less dense the air that the radiation beam passes through to reach the patient. The amount of radiation must be adjusted very precisely to prevent harm. Knowing the precise air pressure is therefore very important.

The advantages of the Innovacelli Barometer :


The Innovacelli Barometer contains no mercury or other hazardous liquids, but has an optimal accuracy, wich will easely stand the comparison of a Fortin or Kew Pattern mercury barometer. The entire product is made with the ecological standard and the “cradle to cradle” principle. Everthing abouth the barometer is designed to make it sustaineble.

University research : durability and accuracy

The University Hasselt and Sirris (knowledge centre) have subjected each and every part of the barometer to accuracy and durability tests. This research took more than a year to complete. The materials were examined by applying various chemical and physical tests, with the aim to be able to guarantee a durability of 30 years. The mechanical parts were thoroughly tested to ensure they would retain their accuracy over the same period.

Enlargement of the scale.

The Innovacelli Barometer offers you a large (45 mm/100 hPa) and exceptionally accurate scale range for a very clear reading of the hPa (or Inch). A combination of diameters ensures that even the slightest movement of the metal pressure cells is clearly visible as a result of a change in the position of the liquid in the capillary glass tube. The barometer can be read upto an accuracy of 1/4th of a mm.

Calibrating the barometer at your altitude.

Barometers used for meteorological purposes are always calibrated as if the user is at sea level.
Not the abolute air pressure is measured, but the air pressure in relation to sea level. For this reason a barometer must always be calibrated before using it for the first time. It is very easy to calibrate the barometer by indicating the altitude on the scale at the bottom (Altitude setting).

By turning the knob at the bottom, a disc that moves around a central axis will change position. A scale with an altitude marker makes it easy to set up.

The setting of the altitude at the bottom of the instrument.

Use for the mesurement of absolute pressure on any altitude

The barometer can be calibrated to be used for the mesurement of absolute pressure or sea level corrected airpressure on any altitude. The Innovacelli Barometer can be adjusted upon request for the use at any altitude from 0 to 4000 meters or 2,5 miles. Please specify at wich altitude you will be using the barometer and for wich purpose. We will prepare each barometerscale individually.


The Innovacelli Barometer contains no mercury or other toxic substances, but still retains the high accuracy of a precision mercury barometer. The mechanisme has no friction and will react to the slightest change in pressure. It is the most accurate and durable instrument on the market today.

Temperature Compensation

Temperature variations have an influence on the accuracy of reading. The influence of temperature on the Innovacelli is offset by a unique combination of materials. This makes the Innovacelli easy to use, as in normal conditions no temperature correction needs to be calculated. The influence of temperature is minimal and limited to 0,45 mm per 10 ° C or 9°F.

Different gravitational forces

There is no influence of varying gravitational forces, as it is the case for a mercury barometer. The influence of gravity has no influence on changing the light liquid wich is used.

Vapor pressure

The oil used has a extremely low vapor pressure, so that it does not affect the reading in any way. This in contrast to the mercury barometer.


The mechanical, but also the mercury barometers have a certain deviation due to friction. This is not the problem of the new barometer, because of the light liquid and the direct transfer to the liquid.

Capillary engorgement

Defects by capillary congestion or friction in the glass tube does not affect the reading of the barometer.


The instrument is constructed in a sturdy housing with a combination of glossy and matte chrome parts. It is securely protected by an acrylic outer cylinder. The barometer has a secure adjusting mechanism, so you will not inadvertently affect the instrument. A specially designed suspension insures the instrument is optimally postitioned for precise readings. Each barometer can be individually set for a wide range of altitudes from sea level air pressure readings to absolute pressure at any height to over 4000 meters.

Certificates :

For the United States and Canada, an NIST traceable calibration certificate is obtained. (National Institute of Standards and Technology) (
For use in Europe, a Belac accreditation applies. ( A new EU legislation is being prepared to ban the use of mercury in barometers for professional users. Order your new Innovacelli Barometer now !
For other regions : please contact us for information on the required certificate.
Other applications

The technique used to produce the Innovacelli can be modified for precise measurements in a wide variety of applications for laboratories and industry applications . Do not hesitate to contact us for more technical information: e-mail to: paul.dingens@


The Innovacelli Barometer has been developed with the utmost ease-of-use in mind. It is an exceptionally safe system with very easy controls. Contrary to the mercury barometer, the Innovacelli will not stop working because of an incorrect movement.
You will find more detailed user information on the instructions page.


We offer our clients a perfect service by professional distributers in Europe, USA and China. Please go to for more information.


The barometer does not contain mercury or any other toxic agents and consequently it is not limited by any legislation concerning the transport of goods. The product has been developed for export and can be transported safely. There ar no restrictions on transportation by air.

Intellectual property

The product and brand of the Innovacelli Barometer is protected by an International Patents. The Innovacelli Barometer by Dingens is produced at our productionsite in Belgium and is not offered by any other company. We have importers in the US and China, who can give you the necesarry service.